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Doula - Labor Assistant
What is a Doula? She is an experienced labor companion who provides continuous emotional support and assistance before, during, and after birth. It has been proven that a Doula can help to shorten first-time labors, decrease cesarean sections and the need for pain medication, help fathers participate with confidence, and lead to more successful breastfeeding relationships.

Two pre-natal visits
Help writing a birth plan
Text, phone, and email support during your pregnancy through post-partum
24 hour on call status two weeks before your "due date" and up to the birth of your baby
Professional labor support at the birth place of your choice
A post-partum visit in your home approximately a week after your birth to answer any questions you might
          have, to help process the birth, and ensure Mother and baby are recovering and adjusting well
There is no charge and no obligation to potential clients for an introductory meeting at which I will describe my services, answer any questions, and help you decide how I can best support your family. Because I believe money should never be a barrier to you having the support you deserve at your birth, I am happy to discuss payment plans, barter/trades, or reduced fees. My fee for the complete package is $800 - the first half due with contract, second half at our post-partum visit.
Doula Services