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"As a Dad, Leah's help was informative and vital, She gave us the permission to be us, letting us know what was ok, and where our rights were. Her illustrations and models helped eliminate the gross factor, and be mentally prepared for the big day. " ~ Josh J

"The childbirth education we received was absolutely wonderful! The flexibility and comfort of having the classes in our home rather than a stiff hospital meeting room were invaluable during my third trimester. The material she covered and her open and honest answers to our questions gave me the courage me to believe in myself and my body's ability to birth. She covered how to utilize existing relaxation and coping techniques in labor and asked questions that helped my husband and I communicate our expectations with each other so that we were on the same page. I felt well prepared when the time came and am still amazed by my body's ability to birth. " ~ Ruth J.

“Leah’s calm nature, warm heart and passion for childbirth were few of the many reasons why we chose her to be our birth Doula. Having three children of her own, she has a vast knowledge of pregnancy, labor and birth. During pregnancy, Leah diplomatically discussed birth options as we created a birth plan, without imposing her own itinerary. With her knowledge and wisdom, Leah assisted in alleviating our anxieties about the birth process. She instilled feelings of confidence, joy and anticipation.
Leah was a tremendous help before, during and after labor. During labor, she was with me the entire time, holding my hand, providing soothing massage techniques, ensuring I was well hydrated, and coaching me on timing and force of breathing. In addition to providing comfort measures during the labor, she was able to communicate my desires with the medical staff. This allowed me to fully focus on birthing my bundle of joy! She was as much help to me as she was to my husband, working to encourage him as my primary coach and support. Leah provided a post-natal visit, assisting me with swaddling and baby wearing techniques. Following the birth, she has been a strong resource and source of encouragement for me with breastfeeding. Leah superseded our expectations of her role as a Doula, and we would highly recommend her services. She is not only an amazing person, but an incredible Doula!” ~Jamie R

“It made all the difference for both my husband and me to have Leah with us on our birthing journey. She helped us make the birth of our first son OUR experience by anticipating the options and decisions we would have to make and encouraging us to consider them ahead of time, and then affirming our choices & helping us to communicate them to the doctors, nurses, and so on. Geographic separation prevented us from having Leah there for the birth of our second son, but the confidence she had instilled in me made it much easier to know what I wanted out of my birthing experience, and then to advocate for it. My husband says birthing is “women's work"--I think he gained a new appreciation for the unique support women can give, and the way we can rally around each other. He was able to support me in his own way, without worrying if he was doing it "right," because he knew that Leah's experience would let her anticipate our needs in a way that we couldn't, since we had never done this before! He's quite an advocate for doulas, and recommends them to all the dads-to-be he meets. Would I hire Leah again? Yes, a million times yes!" ~ Kerry B

“It's been a year and as I write this I remember that less than an hour from now a year ago M was born. I just wanted to sincerely thank you again for everything you did for me and D. We were talking last night while I was making dinner and I realized just how vital you were in helping me have a natural birth. D had come home early from a night shift and you suggested he should go to sleep while you walked with me (which he is still grateful for!). If we had done this alone then D would have either gone to bed for a couple hours leaving me to labor by myself or he would have stayed awake but been too exhausted to keep up with all those back rubs during contractions. So thank you so much! You were amazing and just what I needed that day. God has given you an awesome gift and I admire that. I hope that when our next child is wanting to come into this world, whenever that may be, that you will be there to help me as you were with M." ~Kayla