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10 reasons to wear your baby
The phrases “wear your baby” and “babywearing” have gained much popularity over the last few years. It might be easy for one to assume that it is the latest in a long line of trendy fads surrounding early parenting but this could not be further from the truth. For thousands of years women have been finding ways to strap their baby to their body, allowing them to go about the business of their day. Some of the early cave drawings depict women with babies on their backs. Babywearing is not a new idea nor is it an American invention. Different cultures have carriers that are uniquely their own and every culture around the
world has found a way to use a simple piece of cloth to hold their baby.
1. It is, plain and simply, more practical. With my baby in a sling, a wrap, or a pouch my hands are free to throw in a load of laundry or get dinner.
2. It is much easier to walk with a baby strapped to me than lug a heavy stroller and car seat into a store and easily use the stairs or escalator.
3. There are fewer concerns about unwanted touching. A stranger is far less likely to touch my baby if he is strapped to me than in a stroller or cart.
4. With one child, it feels great to wear the baby! With more than one, it is an absolute necessity! I need free hands to push a swing, to butter a bagel, to tie a shoe.
5. Studies have shown that babies that are worn three hours a day or more are more confident and feel more secure in their world. (And who doesn't want that)
6. I talk to the baby more when she is attached to my person. When her little face is right there I am far more likely to explain the items I am putting into the soup or why I am putting clothes into the washing machine
7. It’s a great way to re-connect after a tough day or difficult evening.
8. I burn more calories with an ever-growing weight on me. Wearing my baby is a way to get some exercise even when I don’t have the time or energy to go out for a walk.
9. Babies cry less when regularly worn (statistically 43% less). It is a great way to circumvent the “witching hour” that many parents experience.
10. Baby wearing can be done equally by both parents.